Flying Forks



Jan 1st New Years Day FREEZE Fly-In 10-am-12pm

Jan- 13 Club Meeting 7:30pm @Moose

February-10 Club Meeting @7:30pm @Moose

March- 10 Club Meeting @ Moose

March-22 Setup @ 5 pm Static Show

March-23 Forks Static Show/Swap Meet Vendor Setup 8am, doors open at 9am for public Tony Scott CD

April 5-6-7 Toledo Show

April-14 Pylon Race @ 1pm 

April-14 Club Meeting @7:30pm Moose

April-20 Spring Work Session 10am @ Field

April-21st Pylon Race Rain date

May-12th Top Gun Carrier Spot Landing Contest 1pm Jeff/Jamie CD's

May -12th Club Meeting 7:30pm @ Moose

May 19th Pylon Race @1pm 

June-9th Club Meeting 7:30pm @ Moose

June 22-23 Every bodies Birthday Day weekend @Field

Camping, Giant Fly, Sport Fly

Tony Scott CD

July-14th Pylon Race @ 1pm

July 14th- Club Meeting @ 7:30pm Moose

July-21st Pylon Rain Date

August-11th Pylon Race @ 1pm

August-11th Club Meeting 7:30pm Moose

August -18th Pylon Race Rain Date

September-8th Forks Annual Fun  Fly CD Scott

September-8th Club Meeting @ 7:30pm Moose

September-15th Fun Fly Rain Date

Oct-13th Turkey Shoot-1pm, CD Kevin

Oct-13th Club Meeting (nomination of club officers) @ 7:30pm Moose

Oct-20th Turkey Shoot Rain Date

Oct-26th Fall Field Clean Up Work Session @ 10am

November-10th Club Meeting 7:30pm Moose-Officer Elections

November-17th Club Organizational Meeting @ 1pm

December 7th Awards Banquet/Christmas Party, Down Town Bistro @ 6pm

​December-8th Club Meeting (points auction) @ 7:30pm Moose



If you are waiting on an event to come to the field, you’re missing out. You just never know what or who is going to show up. The best part for me is who is bringing what to the field, ya just never know.  Russ may even flyover and give us a wave ☺- You might also find your next $50 wonder

Forks 2019 Event Schedule