Contact: Tom Jones

Phone: (614) 829-7480

Cash Only

Great Planes Slo Poke Sport 40
   61” wingspan Plane (flies great)
   Engine: Tower Hobbies .45
   Engine runs great, includes radio
   $ 275.00 – cash only – call 614-829-7480

Sig Kadet Senior
   78” wingspan -OS .40 engine (7 flights)
   includes radio - Low air mileage
   $ 200.00 – cash only – call 614-829-7480

Vintage Sailplane
   Both Wings covered / Wingspan 130” (3.2M)
   Extra set wings 109” (2.8M)  Wingspan
   Horizontal tail section is removable for easy transport.
   Temporary cover installed for canopy area
   New servos, improved linkage – No radio
   $ 275.00 – cash only – call 614-829-7480

Sig ¼ scale J3 Cub kit (still in box) Wingspan:105”
List price $150.00

   Additional items:
   Officers & Gentlemen ¼ scale armed forces pilot
   (unassembled/unpainted) with hat 

   List price $26.00

   Fiberglass Specialties fiberglass cowling with Engines on side 

   List price $32.00

   Bob Shattleroe custom made J3 landing gear with springs 

   List price $43.00

   Goebel Custom Dash Panel

   List price $20.00

   Miscellaneous Parts

   List price $10.00  

   Total list prices = $281.00

   Including the following:

   (4) large three ring binders:

   Piper Model J3 Aircraft Information

   Piper Model J3 Build information(pictures, etc.)

   Piper Model L4 Aircraft Information

   Piper Model L4 “Grasshopper” Build information (pictures, etc.)_______________________________

  Approximate worth= $100.00

  Total price $381.00        
   Special price $200.00  (cash only)


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